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Let's Abolish Abortion in Indiana

Our local fellowship is actively engaged in ending the abortion holocaust in our state, through the means of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Each week we have individuals that minister outside of one of three Indianapolis abortion clinics, with the aim of exalting Jesus and halting the sin of murder!

On a monthly basis, Harvest Bible Fellowship ministers outside of the NW Indianapolis Planned Parenthood at the "Church at Planned Parenthood." This is not an official church with local eldership and deacons, but is an assembly of several local churches in central Indiana. At this monthly outreach we sing, pray, and preach to the glory of God!

Our church also financially supports a local mission organization that stands in the gap for our preborn neighbors - Rescue the Preborn. Bryan Schrank through this ministry organizes outreaches, ministers to local magistrates, and proclaims Jesus outside these killing centers.

May abortion be abolished in the name of King Jesus!

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