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Books for Spring Semester 2021

*These books are to be read with a short write-up (summary) prior to the first class each month


January: GK Beale - Temple and Church’s Mission


February: RC Sproul - The Last Days According to Jesus; <$15 on Amazon; 272 pages

March: James Hamilton - What is Biblical Theology?; $12 on Amazon; 128 pages

April: Charles Spurgeon - A Defense of Calvinism; <$5 on Amazon; ~25 pages

            Albert Martin: The Practical Implications of Calvinism; <$5; ~25 pages

May: Jason Garwood - The Politics of Humanism; $15 on Amazon; 195 pages

June: Ryan Denton - Even If None: Reclaiming Biblical Evangelism; $10 on Amazon; 192 pages

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