No...our church is not "Woke"

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At Harvest Bible Fellowship, we reject the idea of "woke" theology!

You may ask, what is "woke" theology.

Well, to quote Eric Mason, the author of Woke Church, he defines woke as an “urban colloquialism used by black nationalists and those who are in the black consciousness movement” to describe becoming fully aware of “the systemic, sociological, economic and comprehensive disenfranchisement of African-Americans."

Which sounds good and well, in some sense. We as Christians should know the times and be discerning as to our surroundings, injustices, and areas where the church can be a light in a dark place. But the solutions that have been offered by those who are "woke" have been unbiblical and downright blasphemous.

  • We have men who have posited that white Evangelicals need to ask forgiveness for the sins of their fathers who owned slaves. See here

  • We have men who are proposing an idea of "white privilege", essentially placing guilt upon a people with a lighter skin color. See here

  • We have men today saying that they didn't understand the Gospel until they got "woke". See here

It's ridiculous! And it's blasphemous...because the work of Christ and His reconciling work on the cross becomes null and void in woke theology. There is never enough forgiveness in the woke movement. This is why we see white people today kissing the boots of black men, because forgiveness isn't found in Christ - it's found in an act of virtue signaling! And there is no true justice because the biblical standards have been thrown out the window.

There is much to be said (and much has been said) regarding this issue. And although as your pastor I affirm the Gospel of the Kingdom (which impacts every area of life) - as taught by the apostles, I reject #WokeTheology and #BlackLivesMatter. These ideas are not rooted in a Christian worldview, but are rooted in secular worldview that offers no permanent or reconciling solution. Friends, when you insist on dividing people by the color of their skin, you won't find unity...EVER!

The solution we should embrace at HBF is the view set forth by Paul in Galatians 3:28 There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free,there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

The line of ethnic division is broken in the broken and resurrected body of Christ. Christ is the Healer, Reconciler, and Redeemer! Contrary to the "Woke Church" idea that Sunday church is the most divided hour in our nation, I believe that church is actually the most united hour in our nation...because we are all united under the banner of Christ's blood. It's really this basic. If you are in Christ, you are my brother or my sister in the Lord...PERIOD! We don't need Marx and Critical Race Theory in these times, we need the Apostle Paul! May we get back to this, by God's grace.

Church, pray for healing within our nation. May God use this time and season in our nation, for His glory and for the advancement of His Kingdom.

Soli deo gloria,


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